Nutritional Information

The old saying goes…….”We are what we eat”. This means that to remain healthy and fit and active we must eat Healthy! And what better suits our needs than Kumara? A truly diverse vegetable……with substance.

Kumara topped the charts as the most nutritious vegetable across a panel of 58, beating its nearest competitor by more than 100 points. They were rated for 6 nutrients (Vitamins A & C, folate, iron, copper and calcium) and also fibre.Kumara are virtually fat-free, cholesterol-free and very low in sodium. –Great for your Heart….. Pick the Tick!

Kumara are among the top 3 food sources of Potassium………Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and aids muscle contraction.

Kumara are a good source of Vitamin A…………Vitamin A helps us grow normally.

Beta-carotene (a form of Vitamin A) which is said to help in the prevention
of cancer, is found in kumara

Kumara are a very good source of dietary Fibre, having more Fibre than
oatmeal………Fibre keeps the digestive tract healthy.

Kumara are an excellent source of Vitamin C………..Vitamin C helps our bodies absorb iron,
keeps our teeth and gums healthy and helps heals wounds.

Kumara provide a starchy Carbohydrate…….Carbohydrates
convert to sugar to give us energy, keeping us active.

Kumara are a source of Calcium……Calcium supports our bones and teeth.

Iron found in Kumara helps in the process of making blood which supplies oxygen to our cells.

Kumara is a rich source of anti-oxidants for protection against heart disease, stroke,
cancer, and delaying the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Kumara are a low GI food which essentially means that when eaten the energy is gradually
released to your body giving you a sustained energy boost and less fat inducing carbohydrate

Purple Dawn

Purple vegetables have long been known as superfoods and the purple flesh kumara is no exception! The Purple dawn kumara is packed with nutrients that kumara usually contain, along with an added boost of anitoxidants.

purple kumara
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