Kin & Crop Kumara Yummo's

In short, Kin & Crop Yummo’s are our peeled and frozen Baby Kumara.  And we think they really live up to their name  – they really are yumm-o!

  • Yummo’s are a small baby sized kumara.
  • We take the smallest kumara of our crop, the ones that don’t usually get picked up off the field as they are too small to conform with supermarket standards. This reduced the amount of kumara left on the field at our harvest, essentially reducing the amount of waste.
  • A lot of effort goes into our kumara harvest. Kumara, like a lot of root crops, only has 1 harvest a year. A lot of effort goes in to produce this crop and the higher yields and more produce we can get off the seasons’ crop, the less impact we have on the environment and reduce of food waste with the product left on the field to rot. In using these small kumara we are able to create a product that is suitable for market, all while increasing the efficiency of our harvest. A win-win!

Why use Yummo’s?

  • No prep involved
  • Small in size- quick cook time
  • Reduced dishes! Using Yummo’s, they are prewashed, peeled and the perfect portion size to save you valuable time in prep. – cook more with less prep!

3 recipe ideas:

  • Use them as a side or appetizer, sprinkled generously with sea salt and a homemade aioli or sweet chilli dressing.
  • Use as a vegan friendly main. Kumara salad, served warm or cold, with a green aioli and roasted onions and capsicum. Simple and easy to create, with no prep involved with the kumara!
  • Use as a side, served with a lemon yoghurt dressing like this recipe, a dollop of basil pesto and roasted almonds and chopped herbs. Simple but delicious!


How to cook Yummo’s:

Deepfry: Heat the oil to 180C Fry the Yummo’s for 12 minutes or until slightly golden and crispy and soft in the centre. Remove and shake off excess oil.

Roast: Preheat your oven to 180C. Place frozen Yummo’s on a lined oven tray and brush well with oil. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes, turning regularly. Remove from the oven once golden and crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.

Airfry: Place in the airfryer with 1 – 2 tbsp oil and cook for 30 minutes depending on your airfryer settings, or until golden and crispy. Enjoy!


Quick tip: You may notice some of our Yummo’s have dark spots or a deep purple centre. This is perfectly normal! We use the Original Red variety that is most commonly eaten here in New Zealand – it is the Owairaka Red. This variety has a deep purple, veiny centre that when it is cooked, turns the centre of the kumara a deep purple and sometimes black in colour. Nothing to be worried about!

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