Kin & Crop Kumara Beau Peeps

Kin & Crop Beau Peeps are the perfect easy way to enjoy New Zealand’s superfood, the humble orange kumara. Ideal as a tasty lunch option, a quick salad or added to a roasted vegetable medley…and as they’re a great source of both Vitamin A and C, these 100% Kumara Beau Peeps are a clear winner.

ooking Tip: Kumara Beau Peeps go great in the airfryer! Place the frozen Beau Peeps in the airfryer. Add 1-2tbsp olive oil. Cook for 35 minutes, depending on your airfryer settings, or until golden and crispy. So Easy! Sprinkle with salt and enjoy with a side of aoili.

Some of our Faves: 

  • Toss in a salad with Bacon, Avocado and roasted red onion
  • Breakfast hash with poached eggs
  • A quick appetizer served with dipping sauces.
Pack Size:



Orange Kumara, antioxidant (223, sulphite) may contain sulphites.

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